Interview with Japanese Artist RIRI Airs on BIRN Global through June 24

Hitting number one on the iTunes R&B/Soul album chart in Japan at only 18, RIRI is just getting started. She has collaborated with famed EDM producer Zedd, covering his hit song “Stay” in Japanese. This year, she released her self titled album RIRI, combining lyrics in both English and Japanese. She draws from the vocal styles of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Whitney Houston.

We were so delighted to have the chance to interview RIRI in-studio when she visited campus recently. Don’t miss the exclusive live performance on BIRN Global.

RIRI’s interview airs June 4 – June 24 at the times below.



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Show Review: Brazilian Girls – 5/7

On Sunday night at the Brighton Music Hall, the Brazilian Girls performed in promotion of their latest album, Let’s Make Love. As a fairly diverse group currently based out of New York, the Brazilian Girls bring in influences from all over the world and are known for their eclectic alternative, electronic sound. Anticipation crowded the room, especially knowing that the band has not put out an album since 2009 when their album, New York City,  was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Continue reading “Show Review: Brazilian Girls – 5/7”

Show Review: Rise Music Series featuring Gretchen Parlato and Mirella Costa

On Thursday, April 26, Gretchen Parlato and Mirella Costa performed at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Calderwood Hall as part of the monthly Rise Music Series. Costa, a current Berklee College Of Music student, opened the show. It was clear that she brought a good amount of support from the college due to the enthusiastic audience response when she was introduced. With her robust and warm voice echoing up to the top of the balconies of the venue, she effortlessly sang Brazilian jazz tunes with her impeccable band. She moved around the center of the floor as though it was her hundredth time singing in that space. Mirella was the perfect opener since her warm personality perfectly complimented the serenity of Gretchen’s. Continue reading “Show Review: Rise Music Series featuring Gretchen Parlato and Mirella Costa”

Shows of the Week 4/30: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Soccer Mommy, Dr. Dog, and more

Unknown Mortal Orchestra play the Royale Monday, April 30th

Fresh off their newest release, Sex & Food, psych rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra bring their trippy live show to the Royale. Their music is perfect for fans of Tame Imapala and with a critically acclaimed live set this show is a definite not miss.

Soccer Mommy plays the Great Scott Tuesday, May 1st

After blowing up SXSW Soccer Mommy brings their sought after live show to the Great Scott this week. Continue reading “Shows of the Week 4/30: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Soccer Mommy, Dr. Dog, and more”

Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/24 – 4/29): Postdata, Hana Vu

This week was sadly a bit of a drag. On Tuesday, out of 20 artists, I added 2 songs. All of these artists submitting full albums by the way. Needless to say it was a slow one. Today however I did a big review on Traveller’s debut album “Western Movies,” which was definitely a prime slice, but I won’t include it here. I do however have two singles I’d like to share.

   Postdata – Evil [Single] (Indie Rock)

Coming from the brain of Paul Murphy, (frontman of Wintersleep) is a new single from his project Postdata. The single is off an upcoming 10 song LP called “Let’s Be Wilderness.” Continue reading “Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/24 – 4/29): Postdata, Hana Vu”

Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/23-4/29): Daniel Blumberg, Half Waif

Daniel Blumberg – Minus (Singer Songwriter, Folk Rock, Post Rock, Kind of Noisy?)

You might know him from Yuck, but Daniel Blumberg’s excellent solo debut deconstructs music as he never done before. Though the album tends to move at its own slow pace through sparse arrangements and obtuse experimentation, the stand out feature is the songwriting. On my first listen, I hardly even noticed how weird the album was because I was so focused on the songs. Recorded by Peter Walsh (Scott Walker) in the London free jazz haven Cafe Oto, Minus is the perfect combination between emotive and inexplicable. Continue reading “Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/23-4/29): Daniel Blumberg, Half Waif”

Lauren Ruth Ward – The BIRN Interview

Lauren Ruth Ward is a massively talented singer from Baltimore who picked up and relocated to LA to pursue a career in the music business. When I say talented, I mean like Beth Hart talented. Her voice can stop you in your tracks. It is soulful, powerful and raw. But this story sounds familiar right? Here is where this story diverges from the thousands of others that start out the same way. In three short years, Lauren has put together a band and inked a record deal. The former hairdresser is currently on tour in support of her debut full-length record, Well, Helland you should go see her while you can still get close enough to see what color her eyes are.

Besides being a great vocalist, she is also grounded, savvy and real. A combination that makes fans and friends come easily. We were fortunate enough to do a quick phone chat with Lauren before her east coast swing and got the lowdown on everything from her writing process to her advice to those making the move to LA. Continue reading “Lauren Ruth Ward – The BIRN Interview”

Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/16-4/22)

Dr. Dog – Critical Equation (Rock n’ Roll)

If you like Dr. Dog, there is an almost certain chance you will like anything they put out. They are an incredibly consistent band. Critical Equation is their 10th full length record, as they approach their 20th year as a band, and it continues the pattern. The album gives listeners the Beatles-esque catchy pop songwriting that made Dr. Dog, but sees the band experimenting with structure and sound in a way that blends perfectly. They are unafraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, but they add so much original style that their music is its own wonderful entity.

Favorite Tracks: Listening In, Go Out Fighting, Virginia Please

KNASH  – Lame – single (Silly Garage Rock)

Everyone likes to have a good time right? Swedish 6 piece garage-rock-trash-pop-punk writes this song as a “poke to lame people who ruin one’s life”. Though this genre is a bit played out in the states, these Swedes are doing it with such fervor and joy that it recalls what FIDLAR made us feel like our junior year high school.