Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/23-4/29): Daniel Blumberg, Half Waif

Daniel Blumberg – Minus (Singer Songwriter, Folk Rock, Post Rock, Kind of Noisy?)

You might know him from Yuck, but Daniel Blumberg’s excellent solo debut deconstructs music as he never done before. Though the album tends to move at its own slow pace through sparse arrangements and obtuse experimentation, the stand out feature is the songwriting. On my first listen, I hardly even noticed how weird the album was because I was so focused on the songs. Recorded by Peter Walsh (Scott Walker) in the London free jazz haven Cafe Oto, Minus is the perfect combination between emotive and inexplicable.

Favorite Tracks: Minus, Permanent, Madder

Half Waif – Lavendar (Synth Pop)

Lavendar is a gorgeous soundscape of melancholy and sensitivity. The lush production compliments the clarity of Nandi Rose Plunkett’s expressive vocal style. The album feels dramatic in a sincere and naturalistic way, letting the listener into the emotional processes occurring behind the songs. Sonically, Lavendar is familiar and comfortable in cliché, but this only serves to make the vocal more powerful and relatable.

Favorite Tracks: Torches, Lilac House, Silt, Leveler