Ryan’s Prime Slices Of The Week (5/3-5/8): Sophia St. Helen, Courtney Marie Andrews


Sophia St. HelenThe Wiser – singer songwriter

Sophia St. Helen is a hidden gem amongst piles of new emerging music. Bordering on rock, her most recent release The Wiser is an intensely deep and haunting album. Starting off her album with a stripped tracked charmingly named “Honey.” This track starts as barebones as possible and builds to something intense and somber production that becomes its own ambient little world that Sophia invites you into. The overall tone of the album is a dreary and dreaming with a hint of nostalgia, and the haunting melodic singling style creates a unique atmosphere to her sound. Sophia’s lyrics are deeply visual and get your mind painting a picture of all that she describes and is perfectly aware she’s taking you on a trip. A song that perfectly reflects her special sound is her single “Like A Fog” that builds and is almost a masterpiece of this album. This album just came out and deserves all the recognition Im sure it will receive! Listen below!


Courtney Marie Andrews – Burlap Strings [single]- americana

Leaning toward the country roots of modern Americana music, Courtney Marie Andrews takes the listener on adventure through an unrealized love story and the regrets that follow. The prominent acoustic guitar hacking out chords plays second fiddle to Andrews vocals that sound like they’re  being played at a honky tonk in some small town bar with the smell of beer and peanut shells scattered on the floor. This rough around the edges  production brings the listener into a different state mind but the message is still clear, that an unrequited love is at hand and you feel that in Courtney’s somber vocal styling.  This song is beautiful and I’m sure Courtney Marie Andrews has a successful career ahead of her, so give it a listen below!