Shows of the Week 4/30: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Soccer Mommy, Dr. Dog, and more

Unknown Mortal Orchestra play the Royale Monday, April 30th

Fresh off their newest release, Sex & Food, psych rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra bring their trippy live show to the Royale. Their music is perfect for fans of Tame Imapala and with a critically acclaimed live set this show is a definite not miss.

Soccer Mommy plays the Great Scott Tuesday, May 1st

After blowing up SXSW Soccer Mommy brings their sought after live show to the Great Scott this week. Soccer Mommy is the project of Sophie Allison and after years of being involved in the DIY scene going to shows and being around other musicians she finally decided to experiment with producing her own music. After some bedroom recordings she signed a record deal and released her studio debut, Clean. She’s bringing a new life to rock music in 2018 and you should definitely not miss this show.

Dr. Dog play the House of Blues Wednesday, May 2nd

Their latest release, Critical Equation, was released this past Friday and it takes Dr. Dog down a new path of discovery bringing the band closer in the process. They stay true to their roots, but experiment and expand their sound. Their live set is finely tuned machine as they’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now. They have it down pat and fans should be in for a treat this week.

Hop Along play the Royale Thursday, May 3rd

Coming off their latest release, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, indie rockers Hop Along roll through Boston. Bark Your Head Off, Dog welcomes new influences to their sound creating a unique mix of folk, rock, pop, and punk. They’re one of the more unique bands out there right now and should be caught on tour.

The Weeks play the Great Scott Thursday, May 3rd

Hauling from Mississippi, The Weeks are bringing the sound of the South up North to Boston this week. After releasing their second album they signed to Kings of Leon’s label, Serpents and Snakes, and went on to open for them on a future tour. This is not a band to pass on for fans of Kings of Leon.