Are you having trouble listening to the birn?  We can help.

Web browsers:  The “built in” audio players on our website are generated by your desktop or mobile browser.  If the player isn’t working, check that your browser software is up-to-date.  If the stream stops playing, try reloading the page.  If problems continue, using a different browser may help.

Each of our four channels has a high- and a low-bandwidth stream.  The high-bandwidth (320 kbps) streams provide very high audio quality and require a strong internet connection.  If you are on a mobile device or have limited bandwidth, the low bandwidth (96 kbps) streams will work better for you.

Here are some other ways you can listen to the BIRN:

  • iTunes:  Internet Radio directory, in the College/University category.
  • TuneIn radio services and apps
  • Shoutcast streaming services (search for “birn”)
  • myTuner streaming apps

Please contact us if you’re still having trouble, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.