Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (5/10-5/15): Seawolf, Matt Costa

Sea Wolf- Forever Nevermore [single] – Rock

Los Angeles  indie rock band Sea Wolf is bringing a modern blend of rock and indie folk to their newest single “Forever Nevermore”. This song spins a story of an entangled love story seeking reconciliation and searching for a solution. Lead vocalist Alex Church brings his trademarked mellow vocals and extremely laid back delivery to this track and it adds that little oomph to the relaxed backing track. A reverb soaked guitar plays second fiddle to Alex’s vocals and cuts through the mix of acoustic guitar and dead thumping drums. “Forever Nevermore” is such a nice relaxing song to fit our complicated times and help sooth your soul, even just for a little bit. Give Sea Wolf a listen below!

Matt Costa – Avenal [single] – indie rock

Once again Matt Costa brings us the chill vibes we need to help us get through this world. Matts buttery smooth vocals that has the slightest rasp just drag the song along like a lazy river cruise. The gentle strumming of acoustic guitars and simple bass line lead the focus on his voice and a Mac Demarco-esque chorus guitar line and would fit in perfectly in any lofi song coming out today! This Californian named Matt Costa truly nows how to make a song and I personally have never been disappointed by any of the work he’s released thus-far. Check out his latest masterpiece “Avenal” below!