Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/24 – 4/29): Postdata, Hana Vu

This week was sadly a bit of a drag. On Tuesday, out of 20 artists, I added 2 songs. All of these artists submitting full albums by the way. Needless to say it was a slow one. Today however I did a big review on Traveller’s debut album “Western Movies,” which was definitely a prime slice, but I won’t include it here. I do however have two singles I’d like to share.

   Postdata – Evil [Single] (Indie Rock)

Coming from the brain of Paul Murphy, (frontman of Wintersleep) is a new single from his project Postdata. The single is off an upcoming 10 song LP called “Let’s Be Wilderness.” The song is an upbeat and energetic tune about, well, evil. There are few lyrics in the song but they talk about the evils of lies and greed and how it’ll ultimately come back around and bite you in the rear. It’s a song you’ll know the lyrics to after one listen and be sing along to in no time at all.


  Hana Vu – Cool (Feat. Satchy) [Single] (Lofi/Indie)

This song actually took a couple listens to get into and I’m glad I gave it a chance. To me this song embodies the word cool in every sense. The song itself is incredibly relaxing, being very minimalistic with the instrumentation and having a very soothing melodic chorus. The verses are half spoken and half sung in a kind of droning sense which match the melancholy lyrics. There isn’t too much to this tune but it’s one you can keep on repeat for awhile.