Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (5/10-5/15): Gleemer, The Sweeplings

Gleemer – “Down Through” [single] – rock

In preparation for their upcoming album, Down Through, rock band Gleemer has released a single by the same name. If the single is any indication, Down Through is going to be amazing. Gleemer has a full sound that commands attention and falls somewhere between alt and indie rock, and their music holds a certain weight that is enticing to listen to. Their song “Down Through” shows off these features, with thick layers of guitars, powerful drums, and vocals that are reminiscent of singers like Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. All of these parts give the track a captivating strength and presence and show Gleemer’s talent and unified sound. Give “Down Through” a listen below!


The Sweeplings Losing Ground Vol. 1 – folk

The Sweeplings are bursting with talent. The duo’s latest album, Losing Ground Vol. 1, showcases charming fingerpicking, full bass, and smooth piano. What really stands out on the album, though, is the pair’s vocals. Between Cami Bradley’s clear, soprano tones and Whitney Dean’s warmer, lower tones, the blend is beautiful – two incredible voices coming together to sound like one. Songs like “In Between” really allow The Sweeplings’ to shine, with simple, acoustic arrangements that let their voices and lyrics say it all. It’s easy to get lost in the enchantingly gorgeous world Bradley and Dean create. Not only are The Sweeplings great singers, but they are also great songwriters. The song “Running” off Losing Ground Vol. 1 speaks to their impressive writing with a catchy chorus, intriguing story, and outstanding arrangement. The Sweeplings are amazing musicians, performers, and writers. Don’t miss out on Losing Ground Vol. 1 – check it out below!