Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/26-5/1): Zelma Stone, Dizzy

Zelma StoneDreamland – indie rock

Indie rock has a new rising star, and her name is Zelma Stone. In her most recent release Dreamland, Zelma tackles the morose topics of death, grieving and the guilt that follows. The track that most defines this is “Fly”, a melancholy farewell to those who have passed on. Stone incorporates a laid back and lazy feeling track to stage her beautiful and sensitive lyrics that all of us can relate too.   This album is almost a salute to all of those who have passed on and Zelma sings to the pain and grief in all of us.  With other notable tracks such as the title track “Dreamland” and “Body Talk” her sound develops into an iconic melding of surf rock and more traditional indie rock. Dreamland is a heartfelt and cathartic album and leaves the listener reflecting on past experiences and feelings, which is something I can’t say about most albums. You’ll want to listen to this album front to back and revisit it often. Zelma Stone is a name you’re going to want to know pretty soon, so give it a listen below.

Dizzy – “Magician” [single] – indie rock

On a lighter note, coming from Ontario, Canada, Dizzy is a one of the newer bands to blend contemporary aspects of pop and put it in a rock context. “Magician” is a soft, mellow song about a break up and moving on, wishing you could just make your past partner disappear from your mind.  This song is catchy, playful with its imagery and a catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head almost instantly. This song is somber yet hopeful and lead singer Kate Munshaw lets you know exactly what’s on her mind with a beautifully raw and powerful voice. The release of the music video was its own feat, with current social isolation rules in place they had to halt production and ended up putting together the video at home with the help of video editor Marty McPherson to create this wonderful music video. This single is coming off their soon to be released album The Sun and Her scotch  coming out July 13st, 2020. Give Dizzy a listen below!