Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/26-5/1): Dan Croll, Jonah Mutono

Dan Croll – “Grand Plan” [single] – indie pop

English artist Dan Croll’s single “Grand Plan” recounts a tale that is all too familiar to today’s world. As the title may suggest, “Grand Plan” is a wonderfully simple song about seeing people your age who seem to have their life together, while still not having a plan for your own life. The lyrics and examples are honest and relatable, and Croll’s guitar accompaniment sets the tone perfectly. Every little detail comes together to create a very pure and authentic tune that reminds us that we are all on our own timeline, and not to give up on ourselves. Dan Croll has always been a talented songwriter, and “Grand Plan” is by no means an exception to his skill. Check out his live video for the song below, and stay tuned for his album, Grand Plan, to be released on August 21st!

Jonah Mutono – “1949” [single] – R&B

Jonah Mutono is a timeless artist with endless talent. His voice is rich and full of emotion, which his latest single, “1949”, showcases perfectly. It’s a classic love story for the ages, reminiscent of older soul and R&B artists. With simple lyrics that speak to the beauty and simplicity of his love, Mutono builds a warm atmosphere. He enriches this positive energy with rich textures of piano, percussion, bass, and harmonies. While listening to “1949”, it’s not hard to tell that Mutono put a lot of emotion and love into the song. Each musical choice builds on others to create a regal and elegant sound. Jonah Mutono is an incredible artist, and there is so much to be said for his artistry. Give “1949” a listen below!