Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (5/3-5/8): Sylvan Esso, Sis

Sylvan EssoWITH – indie pop

Duo Sylvan Esso did something very exciting this week; they released an album called WITH. This release is more than just an album though – it’s also a full concert film. From beginning to end, WITH is an incredible project. Each song has been reworked and given new life for live performance, featuring unique instrumentation and form compared to the original recorded versions. One of Sylvan Esso’s biggest hits, “Die Young”, really stands out for its unique character. Featuring a reworked intro, brass, live harmonies, and a (great) sax solo, this performance of “Die Young” is an exciting, unexpected, and refreshing take to an already wonderful song. Sylvan Esso showcases all of their big hits in the concert, including “Coffee”, which really pulls you into the feel of the show. Audience members sing along and shout enthusiastically throughout the song, which really makes album listeners feel like they are a part of this special performance. It’s such a wonderfully unique experience as a listener.

The visual component of WITH enriches the musical performance, as viewers can see the original duo and full band’s chemistry with one another and the audience. The whole show is an outstanding spectacle with eye-catching lighting effects and awesome music. Give “Die Young” a listen below, and be sure to check out the rest of Sylvan Esso’s WITH!

Sis – “Fingerpaint” [single] – indie folk

California-based Sis just released her latest single, “Fingerpaint”, and she is an artist to know. Sis, who used to perform under the name Jenny Gillespie, is a writer with an ethereal sound. Her song “Fingerpaint” is charming and relaxed, blending upright bass, piano, and Sis’ own beautiful alto voice with modern electronics. The track falls comfortably between genres; it is a work of art that somehow achieves a transient yet calm feeling. “Fingerpaint” doesn’t demand anything of listeners – it is simply a gorgeous, earthy song to kick back and relax to. Sit back and enjoy Sis’ “Fingerpaint” below!