Ryan’s Prime Slices Of The Week (4/19-4/24): Kyndal Inskeep, St. South

Kyndal Inskeep – “Ghost Town” [single] – americana

This dark acoustic tune from the artistic powerhouse that is Kyndal Inskeep is the newest single to grace the charts. This song incorporates an ambient display of somber finger picking blended with haunting harmonies only to be sliced through by the buttery smooth vocal stylings of Kyndal. This songs backing track is reminiscent of some of Adele’s earlier works, but don’t get it twisted, Kyndal is no copy cat, and brings her own unique styling to her work. This melancholy tune reflects eerily on what the current world has become in the last few months, and as well touches on the changing culture of youth and the neglect they face  from political channels. Kyndal Inskeep is a prolific songwriter, and keeps producing great songs like a machine, If you haven’t listened yet, now is the perfect time!

Listen Below!



St. South – “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud” [single] – bedroom pop

Lofi bedroom pop is starting to change the game  everywhere right now, and St. South is really taking the lead and showing artists how it’s done. This track is dreamy and ambient and will take you on a vacation from reality for three minutes and thirty seconds. The only way to describe this group is soulful electro, and their debut album that came out in march is full of killer tunes just like this one.  “Does Your Brain Ever Get This Loud” is a tired call for reassurance of an anxious mind and a busy life, but takes that anxiety and turns it into something so beautiful and relaxing, that is so unique to St. South. St. South’s arrangement is unique, and I am hesitant to compare it too much to Lofi Hiphop, but it definitely carries the same vibe and emotion behind this tune.Honestly, this is a track that really needs to be heard and to be given some more recognition.

Give a listen below!