Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week (4/1-4/8): Polish Club, French Kiwi Juice

Polish Club – Beeping/Able // rock&roll soul punk

With only two members, Polish Club takes up an enormous amount of space with this latest two-track release. Novak’s vocals are energetic to say the least – his performance of the song can almost be heard in the recording of “Beeping”. The duo, John Henry and Novak, seem to spend a lot of time on dynamics in order to keep the songs full and interesting. It can be hard to sound complete with only drums and guitar, but Polish Club has truly mastered their sound and are clearly strong enough musicians to carry that classic, soul-infused rock sound. Its loud and intense, but its played from the heart in a way thats hard to ignore.

Favorite Tracks: Beeping, Able


French Kiwi Juice – FKJ // electronic hip-hop jazz

FKJ is a combination of all the best parts of jazz, overlapping and blending into swelling electronic beats. Vincent Fenton, the self taught musician behind FKJ, has been busy gaining traction in the New French House genre since 2012. His groove is consistent throughout each track without growing repetitive or boring, held down with some funky bass lines and that oh-so-iconic keyboard sound floating just below the surface. Distant vocals dripping with reverb dance between intricate saxophone lines, producing a sensual atmosphere for anyone to chill out in for a little while.

Favorite Tracks: We Ain’t Feeling Time, Vibin’ Out feat. (((O))), Blessed, Joy