Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (4/3-4/8): Haley Blais, No Thank You

    Haley Blais – Let Yourself Go – EP

Haley Blais is an indie folk artist hailing from Vancouver, B.C. “Let Yourself Go” is her first release with Rumpus Room Records, engineered & mixed by Trevor Lang. The EP starts out slow and sweet with soft vocals and ukulele and quickly picks up to an almost Abba inspired vibe. The record has a nice balance of Haley’s personal side of life and her natural ability to write a catchy song. Her style is easy to love and even easier to relax to.

Favourite tracks: Let Yourself Go, Seventeen


    No Thank You – All It Takes To Ruin It All

No Thank You is a three piece female fronted indie rock band from Philadelphia. The album in its entirety feels pure and raw, using no more than a couple voicemail recordings and their instruments. Throughout the record, the lead singers vocals act as a comfort to the controlled chaos that is the instrumentation. Her lyrics have a lot of feeling but her release of emotion comes through in her playing. I was lucky enough to catch them live before I even listened to this album and was not disappointed. Their music is a solid force that knocks you on your feet.

Favourite tracks: New England Patriots, Limitlessly Cheap