Album Review: Preoccupations – New Material

Story by Justin Cameron

Post-punk rockers Preoccupations explore a new, darker, and deeper sound for New Material.

“My perfect goal for a record would be to have something that you know is rock music but you can’t tell what any of the instruments are,” explains Scott Munro. They’ve achieved just that in New Material. With it being difficult at times to differentiate between a guitar and synth, the album keeps the listener on their toes.

This time around, the songs are bleaker, yet heavier – lyrically and instrumentally – with lead singer Matt Flegal singing about depression and hopelessness. At times throughout the album you’re smacked with a wall of sound crafted from a wide array of instruments and noise, and somehow it’s all carefully blended so as to not have any one sound overpower another.

With New Material, Preoccupations has opened a door for new listeners as well as given old fans a fresh take on their sound and it should not be passed up on.

Preoccupations is currently on tour and will be playing Brighton Music Hall Wednesday, April 18th with Freak Heat Waves. Grab tickets here.