This Week on Birn Alive: Red Elk

Tune in to Birn Alive on Saturday, April 28 at 4:00 PM for a performance by Red Elk.

Red Elk is a unique blend of funk, soul, folk and rock, with elements of indigenous music, such as Pow Wow rhythms/chants, as well as Native flutes and percussion. The result of this is what Josiah Contreras (lead vocals, bass) calls “Native Soul.”

His debut single “Still Alive” was released earlier this year and it perfectly captures what he’s going for. You feel his connection to his roots and heritage and feel as if you can relate to what he’s going through. The song gives you a glimpse of indigenous music as you’re instantly immersed with the sound of a flute and thundering drums chugging along underneath.

His live show is an incredibly unique showing with a packed stage of musicians contributing everything they can. There are all kinds of drums and instruments along a line of vocalists backing him with chants and filling up the room with a wall of sound. There’s an undeniable energy in the room that cannot be put into words. He personally connects with everyone at the show no matter how many people are in the room.

Red Elk’s debut album is set for release May 13th.

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