Ryan’s Reviews: U.F.O.F. by Big Thief

Big Thief – U.F.O.F. – (indie folk)

U.F.O.F. is the third studio album by American band Big Thief. This album can only be described as dreamy, dark, and ambient. The opening track “Contact” introduces you to this new “alien” world they’ve painted with a dark and sinister sounding intro, which tapers off with blood curdling screams. U.F.O.F. somehow pairs ambient vocals and samples into a perfect blend for the acoustic four-piece band. The album brings you into the setting of each tune and lets you walk around before taking down the walls of ambience and zapping you back to reality.

The second half of the record tones down the initial dark, spacey mood and becomes more unplugged. Lead singer Adrianne Lenker uses her incredibly visual lyrics and sweet, soft vocals to weave you into whatever story she is telling. The band’s arrangements are warm and comforting, almost like an open mic on a summer night, and the extra textures just take the music to another world.

I would recommend U.F.O.F. to anyone looking for some nice soft tunes, for either a melancholy night, or just something to really dive in deep, listen and appreciate the music. So go out and pick up a copy and hear for yourself!