Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (7/15-7/19): Palace, Wildlife

Palace – “Running Wild” [single] – indie rock

Palace’s new single “Running Wild” has everything a fan of indie rock could want in a song and more. Ambient electric guitars, the bright tones of a snare drum, and vivd lyrics create an introspective and thoughtful atmosphere. The best part of the song, however, isn’t any individual part – it’s the combination of all of the parts. It’s easy to hear the musicians playing off of one another, and it’s easy to tell they’re all having a great time while doing so. You feel like you’re a member of the band listening to it, and their musicianship creates such a fun listening experience. There’s so much to be said about Palace’s artistry and “Running Wild,” but there’s nothing like hearing it for yourself. Check it out below!

Wildlife – “Wasted” [single] – indie pop/rock

Wildlife’s single “Wasted” is a synth-y work of art that builds upon the musical trends of the 80’s with an indie pop twist. The beauty of “Wasted” is its ability to seamlessly blend multiple eras. It maintains the musical style of the 1980’s through the vocals and synths, pays homage to the literary classic The Wizard of Oz through its lyrics, and claims its place in the indie market with modern guitar and drum tones. These details make “Wasted” stand out from other songs of the genre and make it something special. Don’t miss out on such an interesting and creative song – give Wildlife a listen!