Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (7/22-7/26): Ben Harper, Malou Beauvoir

Ben Harper – “Uneven Days” [single] – singer-songwriter

On his latest single, Ben Harper’s skill as a singer-songwriter is undeniable. “Uneven Days” is a masterpiece that shows Harper’s artistry through his ability to open up and be vulnerable with his audience. It begins with ethereal ambient noise, but quickly grows into a more tangible and real sound when Harper comes in with piano. Harper shines with this simple instrumentation as his melodies in the chorus work to highlight the word “uneven” in a way that makes listeners feel, well, uneven. Adding new layers each section, “Uneven Days” tells a musical story that gives listeners something new at every turn. Give it a listen below!

Malou Beauvoir – “Nwaye” [single] – world

Malou Beauvoir’s single “Nwaye” is a work of art that anyone could listen to and enjoy. “Nwaye” uses multiple languages to deliver one message: people should be free to love who they love. Beauvoir illustrates this message beautifully with her soulful voice and captivating guitar melodies. When listening to the song, it is easy to get lost in the music and in Beauvoir’s passion for the track’s meaning. “Nwaye” is a magnificent combination of multiple influences from around the world that anyone can enjoy. Check it out below!