Ruby’s Prime Slices of the Week

PalmRock Island (Math Rock, Indie Rock)

Math rock for people who hate math rock. Palm uses repetition and a cutting pop melodic sense to paint emotional pictures within the tropes of a genre that is too often devoid of feeling. Rock Island is one of the freshest sounding rock records of the past few years.

Favorite Tracks: Composite, (Didn’t What You Want) Happen, Dog Milk, Pearly

Son LuxBrighter Wounds (Avante-Pop, Electronic)

Son Lux’s debut album is a thoroughly bizarre pop album. It cycles through fidgety garage grooves and lush ambient ballads without batting an eye. Though Brighter Wounds occasionally dips its way and falls flat into saccharine anthemic choruses, it is worth powering through for the inventive production and creative songwriting.

Favorite Tracks: The Fool You Need, Surrounded, Labor, All Directions


The Morning YellsProper Wilted – EP (Folk Rock)

Simplicity is one of the most beautiful and overlooked things in music. The Morning Yells know exactly where to look on their debut EP, Proper Wilted. The five song EP is nothing you haven’t heard before, but damn does it feel good to listen to it! Some of the most genuine and catchy music of the year so far.

Favorite Tracks: She Knows Exactly What She’s Doing, Must Be You, Take Me Somewhere