Erin’s Prime Slices of the Week 02/5-02/11

Brazilian Girls – Let’s Make Love “Pirates” [Single] // alternative dance

Right from the start, “Pirates” slaps you in the face with heavy synths, and a bass line you won’t be able to get out of your head. This single just makes you want to move your shoulders and learn the lyrics. Sabina Sciubba’s percussive vocals bring you into her story, and when she switches into her higher register, you’re instantly hooked to their sound. Fun fact: none of the members are actually from Brazil!

Bahamas – Earthtones // indie soul
I think my favorite thing about Bahamas is his utilization of a background chorus  — the “shoobie doobies” in Opening Act (track 02) kill me every time. There is so much soul in the tone of his voice, and the last track, Any Place, puts an interesting electronic filter on it that somehow fits in with the laid-back vibe of the rest of the album. No Depression (track 10) is a cute song about mental health thats super relatable and just easy to listen to.
Favorite Tracks: Opening Act, No Wrong, Way With Words, No Depression

Sufjan Stevens – “Mystery of Love” [Single] // folk
It is clear to hear why this single by Sufjan Stevens has been nominated for the Academy Award® for Best Original Song. It’s light and airy and fits in perfectly as a part of the soundtrack for Call Me By Your Name. It is amazing how often Stevens incorporates the banjo in his music in general, and even more impressive how much he is able to make it sound like a harp. If you have liked any of his past releases, I would recommend giving this one a listen, as well as his other two songs featured in the soundtrack.