Traveller – Western Movies (Album Review)

  Traveller – Western Movies (Folk/Country Rock)

Traveller has stormed out of the gates with their debut album “Western Movies.” The release has such a familiar sound to it but is like no other artist I’ve heard. In each song, the trio (Cory Chisel, Robert Ellis, and Jonny Fritz) shares vocals, singing about their side of the story on every topic. The opening song (“Nobody Makes It Out”) starts off the LP on an uptempo yet solemn mood, talking about their hopeless dreams to leave their dead end hometown. A theme that appears later near the end (“Get Me Out Of The South”). The title track slows down to a waltz about the three’s love for western movies ending with, “do you wanna come over and watch them with me?” Which is enough to melt your heart. The Record continues with more personal themes like self worth, (“Hero”) anxiety, (“Happy In Hindsight”) and heartache (“Lonely All my Life,” “When Your Away”). This album is a pleasant mixture of joy & tears with plenty in-between.

Favorite Tracks: Nobody Makes It Out, Get Me Out Of The South, Western Movies

Traveller will be performing at Great Scott on Monday May 7th with Izaak Opatz so grab your tickets fast!