Next Meeting

DJs:  You may notice a strange distortion on the microphones in the Broadcast studio.  We are aware of this problem and working to fix it as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, please do your best to live with it.

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 10 in the usual place (22 The Fenway, room 112):


This will be our last meeting of the semester.  See you there!

Friendly reminder:  Attending our weekly meetings is a requirement for all BIRN DJs.

If you’ve completed your training and would like to participate in other station activities, send an email to the appropriate department:

Production (
• live music recording and mixing
• event coordination
• live event hosting
• audio production (sweepers, promos…)
• video production

Communications (
• promotions
• copy writing
• music journalism
• blog and social media
• photography and graphic design

Station Operations (
• show scheduling
• DJ training
• music library, programming
• technical infrastructure
• rules and policies

Turntable Training (
(You may not use the BIRN’s turntables without a short training session.  Contact me to set up a time.)