Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (3/15-3/20): Overcoats, The Districts

OvercoatsThe Fight – electropop

Overcoats’ electric layers and full harmonies make their latest album, The Fight, stand out. The album is a beautiful homage to the incredible blend of Hana Elion’s and JJ Mitchell’s voices from beginning to end, and it features various styles, with almost folk-like vocals and harmonies coming together with synths and indie drums. The Fight is full of so much life. From the driving beat and upbeat sound of “Fire & Fury” to the softer and warmer “New Shoes”, each track takes on its own personality and gives the album a lot of personality. Overcoats switches from folk to pop to electronic so smoothly that you won’t even notice as they seamlessly build a whole new sound. This ability highlights the duo’s skill to create great music that is unrestricted by genre. In short, The Fight is wonderfully eclectic, and it’s easy to get lost in Overcoats’ full sound. Check it out below!

The DistrictsYou Know I’m Not Going Anywhere – alt rock

The Districts are a relatively new group, and they’re on their way to becoming a classic. Their latest release, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere, is a cohesive rock album with a couple of twists. Rob Grote’s vocals give the lyrics a unique tone, and electronic effects, melodic bass lines, and ambient drums and guitars match this unique quality to create a musical experience unlike any other. Each track off of You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere sets a new scene that adds to the rich character of the album. Songs like “My only Ghost” and “The Clouds” create more ambient and wistful soundscapes, while songs like “Changing” and the lead single, “Hey Jo”, are a little more concrete and engaging for listeners. The album only gets better as you listen, and each track is a testament to The Districts’ skills and unified sound. Give You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere a listen below!