Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (3/29-4/3): Kellen of Troy, The Snuts

Kellen of TroyVanity Project – rock

Kellen of Troy’s latest album, Vanity Project, is the perfect soundtrack for quarantine. With a positive and friendly feel, each track is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The first song on the album, “Some Tune We All Already Know”, sets the tone of the album perfectly. It has a nostalgic Disco-like sound that is complete with 70’s strings and a groovy beat. The good times and fun vibes continue on the second track, “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am”, which is full of singable melodies and layered guitars that complement the first track. Overall, Kellen of Troy has a lovable sound that bends genres – his music really has something for every listener. Give Vanity Project a listen below!

The SnutsMixtape EP – indie rock

If you’re on the search for a great upbeat indie rock release, look no further than The Snuts’ Mixtape EP. With their latest EP, The UK-based band establishes themselves with an engaging sound that falls somewhere between early 2010’s alt-rock and contemporary indie rock. The group is extremely versatile musically, featuring a range of styles and emotion throughout the EP. Two songs that highlight this versatility are “Coffee & Cigarettes” and “Boardwalk”. While “Coffee & Cigarettes” is more upbeat and thrilling, “Boardwalk” is packed with emotion and intensity. Both songs are outstanding in their own way, and both are worth a listen. Don’t miss out on The Snuts – check out Mixtape EP below!