Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (7/1-7/5): Surf Curse, Run River North

Surf Curse – “Disco” [single] – (indie pop)

With the new single “Disco,” musical duo Surf Curse manages to put a modern spin on the idea of disco, while still maintaining the original upbeat aspects of the disco era. “Disco” is a wonderfully dance-worthy song that draws on the lighthearted aspects of the indie pop genre – clean guitars and energizing drumbeats. Light music and simple lyrics come together to create a track that one can easily sing along with or dance to. Why not both though?  Listen to “Disco” below!

Run River North “Wake Up” [single] – (indie pop)

Young love is the topic of Run River North’s new single “Wake Up.” The lyrics tell a relatable story of a man who doesn’t have much except for his love and some time. If the story doesn’t pull you in, then the electronic strings will! “Wake Up” is energizing, fun, and exciting. It’s definitely worth a listen. Check it out below!