Ryan’s Reviews: Demos II by Hippo Campus

Hippo CampusDemos II – (indie alternative)

Hippo Campus album Demos II is a collection of material that came to life during the sessions around the band’s most recent album Bambi, and includes such fan favorites and live staples as “No Poms,” “Chapstick,” and “Joy.” This album is a window into the creative process that is album making. It allows a glimpse into the different changes that songs take on to eventually become what we know as the finished product. Demos II is an eclectic map of stories and recurring motifs that make this reel of “demos” feel more like a finished album. The album is fun to listen to and will keep you stomping your feet and grooving with it for at least the rest of 2019. While the music from this album would later become Bambi, it is just as great to listen to and it is interesting to compare the two releases.

Here’s what the band had to say about the album: “When we made plans to release Demos II, it felt like this incredibly cathartic purge. So we decided not only to include the songs that would eventually become Bambi, but also include other things we were writing and working on over the summer of 2017 and the winter of 2018. It means you can hear a pretty expansive document of where we were creatively throughout the process.”

This record is fantastic and could not be more highly recommended. Check them both out on any major platform!