Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (12/16-12/21): Ian George, Palace

Ian GeorgeKingdom of My Youth – folk

Ian George‘s Kingdom of My Youth is the pure, down-to-earth folk album the world needs this Winter. George stands out among other artists in that his music is extremely true and authentic to his artistic voice, which is clear throughout Kingdom of My Youth. Mellow fingerpicking, lovable vocals, and atmospheric harmonies give the album a peaceful, optimistic, and upbeat character and highlight George’s artistry. One of my personal favorite tracks off the album, “The Wild & The Untamed”, is full of long phrases that flow over complimentary guitar lines and drum grooves. The lyrics of the song are personal and touching as they tell a story of love and identity. Overall, “The Wild & The Untamed” feels incredibly honest, and it’s hard to not get lost in George‘s story. There’s so much more to be said about Ian George, but the best way to experience his album is to listen to it for yourself! Check out Kingdom of My Youth below!


PalaceLife After – indie rock

Indie rock group Palace‘s album Life After is a symphony of sleek electric guitars, well-timed cymbal crashes, and strong vocals. Listening to Life After, it quickly becomes clear that Palace has a rare sound that is incredibly full and cohesive. The group is so in-sync with one another (both musically and emotionally) that it’s almost as if the band is just one musician playing several instruments. This unity creates an amazing album and experience for listeners. The song “Face In The Crowd” on Life After embodies the emotional connection the musicians of Palace have with another. It is one of the calmer songs on the album, featuring acoustic guitar and strings. The track is an open book; it’s easy to hear the beautiful and vulnerable nature of the lyrics. Each musician works to bring the meaning and the words to life, creating a very moving song. Don’t miss out on Palace‘s unique musicianship – give Life After a listen below!