Albums added to the library 10/27 – 12/13/19

10/27 – 11/1:
Cigarettes After Sex – Cry
Mikal Cronin – Seeker
Floating Points – Crush
Little Dragon – “Tongue Kissing” [Single]
David Byrne – American Utopia Cast Recording
Patrick Watson – Wave
Oracle Porpoise – Parkas In The Pool
The Duskwhales – Take It Back
Catholic Action – “One of Us” [Single]
Matt Maltese – “Jupiter” [Single]
Zero 7 – “Swimmers (feat. Jem Cooke)” [Single]
Magic Sword – Awakening
Desert Sessions – “Crucifire” [Single]
Geoffroy – 1952
Elephant Gym – “Gaze at Blue” [Single]
The Drums – “I Didn’t Realize” b/w “You Lied” [Single]
Refused – War Songs
Matt And Kim – “MONEY” [Single]
Squirrel Flower – “Red Shoulder” [Single]
David Graff – Supposed to Fly
JIM ALXNDR – “Slave” [Single]
David Kowal – A Different Blue
Telemarket – “A: Wide Awake” [Single]
Subi – “Red Dress” [Single]
Mike Notez – “Leave Wit You” [Single]
The Deer – Do No Harm
Natalie Walker – Evenfall
Gamma Dog – “Designer Love” [Single]
Fime – Sprawl
Pernice Brothers – Spread The Feeling
Sam Weber – Everything Comes True
Thomas Mudrick – Ten Dollar Soup Collection

11/3 – 11/8:
Rachel Dadd – Flux
Basement Revolver – Wax and Digital
Berhana – HAN
Sean Henry – A Jump From The High Dive
Toro Y Moi – Soul Trash
Common Kings – “Neil Armstrong” [Single]
Sløtface – Sorry for the Late Reply [Advance Tracks]
Leif Vollebekk – New Ways
Landon Elliott – Domino
Vetiver – Up On High
Dan Deacon – “Sat By A Tree” [Single]
Wolf & Moon – Before It Gets Dark
Anti-Flag – “Hate Conquers All” [Single]
No Vacation – Phasing
Star Parks – “Oh Boredom (Shmaltz City, USA)” [Single]
Geowulf – My Resignation
The Growlers – Natural Affair
Dirtwire – Electric River
The Lovepools – “White Lies and Palm Trees” [Single]
Haddon Cord – “All I Want” [Single]
Wax – B.A.A.A
Beyond Chaotic – This Can’t Be Good
Joel Paterson – Let It Be Guitar!
Bob Bradshaw – Story Goes
Jason Hawk Harris – Love & The Dark
Written By Wolves – Secrets
Jonathon Bree – “Cover Your Eyes” b/w “Waiting on the Moment” [Single]
Pat Irwin & J. Walker Hayes – Wide Open Sky
Coyote Kid – Skeleton Man
Tom Devil & The Wizard – “The Ground” [Single]
Chris Waters – “As It Seems” [Single]
Izy – “Moon” [Single]
Milly – Our First Four Songs
Malou Beauvoir – “Papa Damballah” [Single]
The Districts – “Hey Joe” [Single]
Elephant Stone – “Hollow World” [Single]
Pat Lok – “Somebody” [Single]
Run River North – Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 2
The Orphan The Poet – Queen Cobra EP
Deerhunter – “Timebends” [Single]
FKA Twigs – “Sad Day” [Single]
Algiers – “Dispossession” [Single]
Desert Sessions – Vols. 11 & 12
Lapsley – “My Love Was Like The Rain” [Single]

Matt Maltese – Krystal
Mourning Routine – “Too Much” [Single]
Pink Martini – Tomorrow / Besame Mucho
Green Buzzard – Amidst the Clutter & Mess
Fran – A Private Picture
Pendant – Through the Coil
Square Peg Round Hole – Branches
SebastiAn – Thirst
Allen Stone – Building Balance
Brother Ali – Secrets & Escapes
Illuminati Hotties – “Ppl Plzr” [Single]
Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra – Sound the Bells: Recorded Live at Orchestra Hall
TORRES – “Good Scares” [Single]
CocoRosie – “Smash My Head” [Single]
Ásgeir – “Youth” [Single]
Roman Lewis – Something to Care About
Margaux – More Brilliant is the Hand that Throws the Coin
Roman Lewis – “Something to Care About” [Single]
Aunty Social – The Day My Brain Broke
Tōth – “Juliette” [Single]
Kelly Bado – “Hey Earth” [Single]
Darksoft – BRAIN
Strange Case – “27 Club” [Single]
Boyscott – Goose Bumps

Calibro 35 – “Stan Lee (feat. Illa J)” [Single]
Menahan Street Band – “New Day Coming” [Single]
Varsity – Basement Takes
Tyler Meacham – Property
Daniel Pearson – “Down the Tracks” [Single]
Telemarket – You Deserve A Hard Day’s Work After a Long Night’s Rest
Suggested Friends – Turtle Taxi
Hoops – “They Say” [Single]
ALTA – Reasons
BRONCHO – Bad Behavior (Remix EP)
Soccer Mommy – “yellow is the color of her eyes” [Single]
Tim Ayre – Time Ayre [EP]
Various Artists – 30th Century Compilation
Bryce Bangs – “I Want All Your Love” [Single]
Luke Lalonde – The Perpetual Optimist
Yann Tiersen – “Closer (feat. Blonde Redhead)” [Single]
AQVOL – Honey Berry Butterfly [EP]
Wide Mouth Mason – I Wanna Go With You
Susanne Sunfør – Music for People in Trouble: Live from the Barbican
No Win – “Blood On Your Tooth” [Single]
Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino
OMNI – Networker
Caroline Says – Ohio River
Dark Below – “Halo” [Single]
Jenny Teator – “Daughter of the Devil” [Single]
Heathcote Hill – Fight Another Day
The Lavender Scare – Hand Me Down Kingdom Come
Quantic – “Orquíeda feat. Sly5thAve (Sampology Remix)” [Single]
Quantic – “September Blues (Dan Shake Remix)” [Single]
Bryony Jarman-Pinto – “Sweet Sweet” b/w “Sweet Sweet (Wu-Lu Remix)” [Single]
Troi Irons – Lost Angels
Electric Neon Clouds – Memories
Heartstreets – Why Make Sense Revisited 1 & 2
Macseal – Super Enthusiast
Prism Tats – “Tenderness” [Single]
Christopher Paul Stelling – “Trouble Don’t Follow Me” [Single]

Colony House – “Original Material” [Single]
Gen Hoshino – Same Thing [EP]
Ratboys – “Alien With A Sleep Mask On”
Alexandria Maillot – Benevolence
Arbor Labor Union – “Flowerhead” [Single]
Various Artists – 30th Century Compilation Vol. II
Waax – “History” [Single]
Klingande – The Album
Blue Vervain – Demos & Alternate Takes
Will Samson – Paralanguage
dj poolboi – Forever Yours EP
Fern Mayo – Week of Charm
Meghan & Caitlin – Bad Terms
DJ Shadow – Our Pathetic Age
The Milk Carton Kids – “The Only Ones” [Single]
Wolf Parade – “Against the Day” [Single]
D Minor – “Homerun (Feat. Zeek Power)” [Single]
Catherine MacLellan – Coyote
ROOKIE – “Too Late To Pray Defiant Chicago Roots” [Single]
Nat Coles and the Blue Diamond Band – “Standing on the Corner Alone” [Single]
The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin Recorded at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony
Tennyson – Telescope EP
Antibalas – “Fight Am Finish” [Single]
Little Monarch – Grains [EP]
Palace – Life After
Alex Ebert – “Stronger” [Single]
Various Artists – So Many Singing Vol. 2
Various Artists – Athens Resonates
Approachable Members of Your Local Community – “Strangest Places (feat. Dulcie)” [Single]
The Undercover Dream Lovers – It’s All In Your Head
Kid Nobody – discretion
Ian George – Kingdom of My Youth
Caveboy – “I Wonder” [Single]
Courtney Love – “Mother” [Single]
Soccer Mommy – “Feed” [Single]
Poliça – “Forget Me Now” [Single]
Jonah Mutono – “Shoulders” b/w “Circulation” [Single]
Hello Forever – “Some Faith” b/w “Colors in the Sky” [Single]
GARZA – “Where the Moon Hides” [Single]

Shopping – “Initiative” [Single]
Kenny Tudrick – “LIGHTNING BYRD” [Single]
Ephemerals – “Blur” [Single]
Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens – “Luminous Spaces” [Single]
Squirrel Flower – “Headlights” [Single]
Ollie – “Broken Down” [Single]