Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (11/4-11/9): Geoffroy, Squirrel Flower

Geoffroy1952 – alternative

On his latest album, 1952, Montreal-based artist Geoffroy showcases his creativity and ability to bend genres. Geoffroy combines several styles seamlessly, bringing together folk, electronic, and pop influences to create something entirely new. One of the best examples of his skill is the song “The Fear of Falling Apart”. The track blends electronic vocal effects, beats, and samples with warmer piano tones and Geoffroy‘s natural voice, creating an appealing contrast between old and new sounds. Although Geoffroy uses many unique effects, they never distract from his voice. His voice is strong, timeless, and smooth, and the melodies on 1952 suit it perfectly. Between even the first three tracks “The Fear of Falling Apart”, “21 Days”, and “Woke Up Late”, Geoffroy shows that he is capable of creating several musical feels while still asserting his own sound. So much could be said about 1952 and Geoffroy, but the best way to experience his music is to hear it for yourself! Give 1952 a listen below.

Squirrel Flower – “Red Shoulder” [single] – indie rock

Indie-style vocals, iconic buildups, and ear-catching guitar melodies take the spotlight in Squirrel Flower‘s latest single “Red Shoulder”. Although she uses only a few (somewhat mysterious) lyrics, Squirrel Flower creates an amazing indie rock soundscape. The track starts off simply with voice and electric guitar, but it’s only the calm before the storm. The music builds up to a symphony of a full band, and Squirrel Flower‘s guitar takes the spotlight. While the guitar melodies are fairly simple, they are perfect for the song and bring “Red Shoulder” to a strong conclusion. Also, as an added bonus for our local readers, the music video was filmed in Boston! Don’t miss out on Squirrel Flower – check out “Red Shoulder” below!