Ryan’s Prime Slices of the Week (11/4-11/9): Patrick Watson, Matt Maltese

Patrick Watson – “Dream For Dreaming” – indie pop

Patrick Watson has created another gem with “Dream for Dreaming .” This tune immerses you immediately within the first chord and leaves you asking the question “What’s next?” It doesn’t disappoint either, Patrick Watson paints an ambient, emotional world that encapsulated his smooth, cathartic voice perfectly. This keeps building and building and gives the listener a sense of melancholy and raw emotion. The use of dynamics makes the song have an ebb and flow comparable to waves in the ocean, giving a very powerful performance and making this one of the more remarkable tunes to come out so far in 2019. I highly recommend “Dream For Dreaming” and encourage everyone to give it a listen!



Matt Maltese – “Jupiter” [single] – indie rock

Kicking off the track with synth and punchy bass, Matt Maltese brings us into a retro vibe comparable to the soft rock bands of the 1970s. Matt’s vocals are smooth and his lyrical content is always exceptional and bordering on the abstract. This tune weaves a tale of yearning for a past love, and tells it in a way only Matt Maltese can. This song has a fantastic vibe and feel, and keeps up with the excellence that is this artist’s standard. All of Matt’s content is fantastic and I recommend you checking him out! Give. “Jupiter” a listen below!