Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (11/11-11/16): The Deer, Wolf & Moon

The DeerDo No Harm – folk

The Austin-based band The Deer has an eclectic sound that makes the group memorable and lovable. The Deer‘s latest album, Do No Harm, establishes the band’s unique artistry through featuring different sounds and techniques on each song. From pedal steels to strings and group harmonies – Do No Harm is full of lovely surprises that make the album stand out from others. Each track highlights different moods, from the psychedelic ballad, “Dissolve”, to the upbeat and dance-worthy tracks, “Confetti to the Hurricane” and “Swoon”. Overall, Do No Harm showcases The Deer‘s Western influences while also establishing the band’s unique voice and modern take to the folk genre. Each track has its own voice, but they all work together to create one beautiful and fun sound that can only belong to The Deer. Don’t miss out on such an incredible album and band – check out The Deer‘s Do No Harm below!

Wolf & MoonBefore It Gets Dark – folk

In their latest album Before It Gets Dark, indie duo Wolf & Moon put their stamp on the folk genre. Although Wolf & Moon consists of only two musicians, they do not let their size limit their sound. Through modern production, Wolf & Moon creates a full sound with repeated figures, layering vocals, and contemporary beats. The use of all of these modern approaches doesn’t cloud the folk base of the music, as vocal harmonies and guitar picking guide the songs and drive them forward. One of the most intriguing aspects of Before It Gets Dark is the variety in the lead vocals. While “Garden of Potential” is led more by the male vocalist and “Like A Shotgun” is led more by the female vocalist, songs like “Before” feel more like a team effort. It’s neat to see a project that is such a collaborative effort, drawing on multiple voices. Give Before It Gets Dark a listen below!