Kelsey’s Prime Slices of the Week (11/18-11/23): Ásgeir, Låpsley

Ásgeir – “Youth” [single] – singer-songwriter

Ásgeir‘s single “Youth” could not have come at a better time. With mellow fingerpicking and relaxed vocals, it’s the perfect soundtrack for Fall. Ásgeir creates a beautiful aesthetic in “Youth”, using brass, snare, and harmonies to do so. The track features simple lyrics and melodies that work to highlight Ásgeir‘s calming vocals. As “Youth” progresses, the tracks layer and build on one another to create a symphony of various timbres and feels, all while maintaining one inviting and cohesive sound. It’s truly an amazing and unique experience for listeners. Don’t miss out on Ásgeir – check out “Youth” below!

Låpsley – “My Love Was Like The Rain” [single] – indie pop

Låpsley‘s latest single “My Love Was Like The Rain” is a stand-out track that lets the young artist’s voice shine. As soothing synth sounds and electronic drums create a relaxed vibe, the descriptive lyrics fill out the track to tell a vivid story. Låpsley‘s story stands out on the track as she tells the world who she is through the eyes of another person. She does a great job of creating a full and modern sound that finds a home in the indie pop genre – a sound that anyone can enjoy. Give “My Love Was Like The Rain” a listen below!