Erin’s Prime Slices (9/27): illuminati hotties, Prince

illuminati hotties – Kiss Yr Frenemies (indie rock / tenderpunk)

illuminati hotties is an indie pop group fronted by lead singer Sarah Tedzin. Releasing their debut album, Kiss Yr Frenemies, earlier in 2018the band has been off to a really amazing start. The lyrics are personal and playful and the instrumentation is delicate when it demands to be. Other times, there is a clear, punchy energy that more closely mirrors the way in which Sarah describes her genre as “tenderpunk.” If you are in your 20s, or ever have been, you will relate hard to this album (warning: ugly crying entirely possible). Check out Illuminati Hotties next Wednesday, October 3, at O’Brien’s to live out your inevitable connection with Sarah Tedzin in person! Also check out the emotional rollercoaster of a music video/ animation by artist Sam Lane for the track “Cuff.”

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Prince – Piano and a Microphone 1983 (R&B pop / soul)

Piano and a Microphone 1983 is a wonderful encapsulation of just how talented of an artist Prince was before his death in 2016. The album was found in Prince’s vault as one continuous recording on a single cassette tape, containing recordings of some of his most famous works as well as the bare bones of songs that were never officially released. Listening to this album straight through will make you feel like you are sitting in a room with Prince, jamming out and improvising some of his new ideas. If you are a Prince fan at all, this is an extremely personal album that allows his memory and talent to live on in our hearts and ears.