Curtis’ Prime Slices (9/22 – 9/25): The Dirty Nil, Raquel Rodriguez

    The Dirty Nil – Master Volume (hard rock)

Canadian hard rock trio The Dirty Nil came at me today with a brutal amount of force, to say the least. This being the band’s third studio album, they’ve seemed to have found a sound they’re comfortable with that consistently wants to punch you in the face (in a good way!). The problem I have with a lot of bands in this genre is they rely too much on what they listen to and end up trying to recreate something that ultimately sounds like a knock off; this however is not the case. Their riffs and melodies are fun to listen to and feel new and exciting. Fans of bands like Pup and White Reaper will definitely dig this.

    Raquel Rodriguez – The 310 Part 2 (funk/R&B)

To now jump to something completely different, a very funky and soulful EP from Mexican American soul singer Raquel Rodriguez. As soon as I hit play on the first track it was an INSTANT jam. The rhythm section backing her is tight and has a very similar vibe to Vulfpeck. Her vocals fit so well over the songs that I’d say she’s found her sound very early in her career. The 310 Part 2 is actually the second of a 2 EP series so after listening to this, go listen to the first one!