Erin’s Prime Slices (11/18-11/24): Rose Droll, Maiah Manser

 Rose Droll – Your Dog (singer-songwriter)

The only reason I classified this album as “singer-songwriter” is because I could not think of a single other way to fully encapsulate all that I was hearing. It begins with a bass line reminiscent of Lou Reed’s “Take a Walk on the Wild Side,” accompanied by a looping drum machine and breathy background vocals. The second track, “Hush” completely caught me by surprise by opening with a line from “This Little Light of Mine,” followed by some seriously cutting rap verses spoken in an almost whisper. This album is seriously unique and, to top it all off, Rose played every single instrument on the record. The lyrics are complex and completely honest, but definitely require a few listens to fully unpack.

Maiah Manser – “Yards” [single] (electro pop)

I was into this release from the moment I popped in my headphones and hit play. Sweeping synths and a simple motif on the keyboard begin this single, leading into Maiah’s bright vocals and a classic pop beat drop. The ascending lead vocal line in the chorus will for sure get stuck in your head, as well as the repetition of “sorry, I’m not sorry” leading back into the verse. This whole song is an awesome anthem for anyone unapologetically leaving a toxic relationship.