Curtis’ Prime Slices (11/18 – 11/24): Moving Panoramas, Theia

 Moving Panoramas – Baby Blues [single]  – (indie rock)

This week, indie rock band Moving Panoramas caught my attention with their incredibly groovy new single, “Baby Blues.” It has a great energy that reminds me of bands like Soccer Mommy and The History Of Apple Pie. This is the first single from the highly anticipated sophomore album In Two and if this is what’s to be expected, I can’t wait either. The compressed bass and drums together give the song a very driving feeling that really makes you wanna tap your feet. The melody and lyrics compliment each other nicely and get stuck in your head pretty fast. Give it a listen!

    Theia – Bad Idea [single] – (pop)

Now for something completely different. Usually I’m not a huge fan of modern pop but this song had me the minute it hit the chorus. Theia’s new single “Bad Idea” talks about her personal experience with self harm and self hatred and how she overcame it. The verses and pre-chorus give a glimpse of what’s running through her head as the hope slowly fades until the chorus hits and she sings, “Hold on a second, it’s a bad idea, don’t hurt yourself cause it’s a bad idea.” It’s a great feel good anthem and it needs some more attention!