Erin’s Prime Slices (10/28-11/3): Valley Maker, Ian Sweet

Valley Maker – Rhododendron (indie / folk rock)

This album is lyrically intricate while also maintaining an airy atmosphere that is easy to listen to casually. Austin Crane, the man behind Valley Maker, named the album after “the common plant which springs up in both Crane’s native south and his current home in Washington” –  a metaphor that is very central to the overall theme of each song and transition. It is honestly hard to pick favorites on this one, so just chill out and listen to the whole album whenever you get the chance.

Ian Sweet -Crush Crusher (psych rock / shoegaze)

Ian Sweet, also known as Jillian Medford, wrote this album to reflect on her own self worth and tendencies to prioritize other people before herself. Some tracks have their moments that feel unsettling and dissonant, but the arrangements of each track always come back to a comfy resting place that you can seriously jam to. Although seemingly redundant in its title, Crush Crusher holds some serious substance in lyrics and overall message. Check out this album before she comes to town on November 3rd at the Great Scott!