Curtis’ Prime Slices (10/21 – 10/27) Bleu, Soccer Mommy

    Bleu – Love You So – (pop)

It took about 10 seconds for me to decide I needed to review this single. “Love You So” is the feel good single I’ve been so desperately waiting for this year. Written by one of Berklee’s own, Bleu (a.k.a. William James McAuley III), the songs simple chorus and infectious melody have your finger on the repeat button every time it ends. As well as the chorus, the verses are simple. With just a few words it gets across the message easily, talking about the panic of being madly in love with someone and feeling undeserving of that level of happiness. The chorus then sums it up by saying “Why do I love you so? I don’t know, but that’s all I need to know.” It’s catchy, it’s sweet, and it’s three minutes long. CHECK IT OUT!

    Soccer Mommy – Henry – (indie rock)

To slow it down a bit, indie rock star Soccer Mommy released a rerecorded version of her song “Henry” from the album For Young Hearts. Why she decided to do this I’m not quite sure but it’s a nice new take on the song. The tempo is a little slower and the instruments sound full, more so than the album version. Continuing on the topic of love, the song’s protagonist discusses wanting to be closer to her lover and how he never opens up to her about most things. it’s clear to her that “Henry” will never love her like she loves him and so they go their separate ways. Accompanying her song is a slow and solemn cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.” The cover caries the same mood and leaves you very melancholy by the end.