Curtis’ Prime Slices Of The Week (5/1-5/7): Middle Kids, Lucy Dacus

  Middle Kids – Lost Friends – (Pop Rock)

I decided to listen to this album for the sole fact that I thought the album cover was cool, and thank god I did. This trio has a sound like a tidal wave that hits you at the chorus every time. Filled with reverb and a wall of instruments, this LP feels incredibly big. The bands personal lives come out a lot throughout, whether it’s upbeat or slow. They talk about old friends and experiences they had in they’re youth with a theme that says they have unfinished business. The songs are catchy and full of interesting riffs and melodies. A great summer album no less.

Favorite tracks: Mistake, Bought It, Edge of Town, On My Knees

  Lucy Dacus – Addictions [Single] – (Indie Rock)

A song stored deep in the Birn’s archives comes this hard hitting single from Lucy Dacus. The song talks about wanting to be with an old lover who you’re still in love with. The music video really speaks to this. It shows a girl finding a picture frame that shows everything in black & white. She runs and hitchhikes around town until she finds her lover (Lucy) who can only be seen through the frame so she puts herself in the frame to be with her; I think it’s a powerful metaphor for longing to live in the past again. The tune features a full horn section that adds a lively feel to it and really rounds it out. The instrumentation is loud, proud, and overall, really well produced.