Curtis’ Prime Slices (2/9 – 2/15): Squid, Claude Fontaine, Andrew Bird

Squid – “The Dial” – (indie punk)

At the very top of my list and will definitely appear again at the end of this year, is Squid’s new single “The Dial.” Squid is a relatively new band from the U.K. who have only released a few singles thus far in their career. This is currently their heaviest track but easily their catchiest. The vocal delivery is hard hitting and aggressive as he repeats with more intensity each time “The dial doesn’t change, oh the dial stays the same.” It’s one of those songs that gets you angry even if you weren’t before. It’s a real punch you in the face kinda song and it’s my new favorite. CHECK THIS OUT!

Claude Fontaine – “Cry for Another” – (reggae)

This next single is an unexpected favorite of mine. It’s a really simple yet solid reggae groove backing Claude who has a soft and sickly sweet voice. The song talks of a heartbreak but it’s not seriously woeful but rather soothing. Surprisingly we get sent a lot of reggae tracks but the problem is that most have too much stuff packed into them and rarely groove like they should. I think Ms. Fontaine kinda nailed it so give this a listen.

Andrew Bird – “Sisyphus” – (indie folk)

Even though I didn’t know much about Andrew Bird before I heard this track, he wasn’t hard to love. His new track “Sisyphus,” titled after the Greek king punished by Zeus after trying to cheat death, has a lot of cleverly thought out words and rhymes while being a serious ear worm. Bird says the track, “is about being addicted to your own suffering and the moral consequences of letting the rock roll,” a theme he shows well in the music video. His new album comes out March 22nd and I think we can expect more of the same.