Curtis’ Prime Slices (2/2 – 2/8): Pip Blom, Cass McCombs, Pamela York

Pip Blom – “Daddy Issues” [single](indie fuzz rock)

There’s a little pressure trying to pick the first prime slices of the year but so far I’ve been given some pretty good choices. First on my list is Pip Blom hailing from Amsterdam. Fronted by the singer-songwriter of the same name, they’ve been putting out music since 2016 but recently broke through with their new EP Paycheck, released in October of last year. This single is following the same trajectory with their sound and I hope it can snag them some new fans. It’s a punchy song with a fuzzy wall of guitars and a great hook. Give it a listen!

Cass McCombs – “The Great Pixley Train Robbery” [single]- (indie folk rock)

Next up is a new tune from Cass McCombs. I was a big fan of his 2013 release Big Wheel and Others, and I’m glad to hear he’s gone with a sound in the same vein. the song doesn’t necessarily have a verse or chorus but seems to roll along while Cass sings a sort of Western style beat poem. It’s a party song with no hook and I think that suites him.


Pamela York – Lay Down This World – (jazz)

Lastly, something completely different, is pianist and arranger Pamela York’s new album Lay Down This World: Hymns and Spirituals. This album is definitely an odd choice but the musicianship and arrangements are wonderful. The songs are all classic church tunes preceding the 20th century but York manages to bring a really nice contemporary sound to each of them. It’s great listening music and if you’re a jazzer, definitely put this on!