Curtis’ Prime Slices (4/13 – 4/19): Crumb, Sun Records Curated Vol. 6

Crumb – “Nina” [single] – (indie psych pop)

Crumb has been gaining a ton of attention over the past couple years. Releasing their first EP Crumb in 2016, they now rake in over 1 million listeners with some of those songs now having over 7 million streams. With the release of their new single, “Nina”, and the announcement of their debut full length album, they’ve definitely got a buzz surrounding them. This single gives off remnants of early Tame Impala psych rock which is by no means out of character. The drum beat matched with the bass part creates a trance like groove with the synth being the icing on the cake. Lila Ramani (guitar/vocals) sings a hypnotically catchy melody alongside her soft guitar playing until the very end where she drops out as the rest of the band vamps on an eery three notes. Super excited for what’s in store so check this out!

Sun Records Curated Vol. 6 – Various Artists – (soul/R&B)

Now this is something special just for Record Store Day. This is the sixth volume of Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day and it’s full of fun, catchy, and hooky songs. This year it features some of the amazing female artists in the Sun Records archives, including The Dixie Cups, Doris Allen, Peggy Scott and many more. All the recordings were made between 1964-1969 with some familiar voices, as well as some never before released tracks. I honestly don’t have too much to say because these songs really speak for themselves and I think enough has been said about the history of Sun Records and their artists. Give it a listen!