Show Review: Bad Sounds at The Paradise Rock Club

Hailing all the way from Bath, England, Bad Sounds have been touring as the opener for Broods since the end of March and I was able to catch their show at the Paradise Rock Club on Sunday.

Walking into the venue only 15 minutes before they started, the room was already over half full with more people coming in every minute. When Bad Sounds came onto the stage they got a pretty big welcome and really matched the energy. Their stage presence was exciting and captivating and they were clearly having a good time. The two brothers, Ewan and Callum, really play off each other and have an obvious chemistry. The songs were punchy and energetic and the sea of people only got bigger after they started.

The song “Avalanche” stood out the most for me. The lyrics were easy to hear and sing along to, as well as the fact that it was so upbeat and fun. Near the end of the set, the brothers started jumping on the backs of the guitarist and bassist, reaching around and playing the instruments themselves –which was something I’ve never seen before. All in all, the show was very entertaining and when it was over it felt too soon. It had been a half hour and I felt like I was there for 10 minutes. Their sound relies on the back bone of the drums, bass, and guitar but the synthesizers really bring a fun and interesting color to the group. Bad Sounds will be gaining a lot of new fans on this tour judging by that performance!