Curtis’ Prime Slices (3/9 – 3/15): Pottery, Dirt Buyer

Pottery – “Hank Williams” [single] – (garage punk)

To start this off I’d like to mention that for both bands I have today, these are their first releases which I think is pretty awesome. Coming out of the gate real strong is garage punk band Pottery, hailing from the UK and parts of Canada but stationing themselves in Montreal. They’ve gained over 8,000 listeners on Spotify since the release, and for good reason! This new tune starts and ends with an electrifying amount of energy. The instruments and vocals sound fairly raw and gives that sound like you’re hearing them record right in front of you. Their first album, which includes this track, is set to come out on May 10th which just isn’t soon enough. But in the meantime, do yourself a favor and save this little gem.

Dirt Buyer – Dirt Buyer – (emo folk)

To follow up is Dirt Buyers self-titled debut album. The release is incredibly real and personal, making some parts fairly hard to listen to. Songs like “Grandfather Died” includes a break in the middle with this hypnotic guitar riff and thumping drum pattern that plays while a dissonant voicemail recording from the singers dad plays, telling him his grandfather just passed away. The guitar parts matched with the vocals are a wonderfully haunting combo that they use skillfully to their advantage. I think this album is incredibly daring and gutsy for what is essentially the first impression. On top of that, the guitar and drums for this album were recorded at the same time, in the same room, on an iPhone. Enough said? Please show the elusively DIY Dirt Buyer some love!