Show Review: Lily & Madeleine

Following the recent release of their fourth full-length album titled Canterbury Girls, Lily & Madeleine finished up their East Coast tour right here in Boston at Cafe 939 on Saturday, March 9th. The sister duo has been writing and performing together since they were in high school, and started their career by uploading home videos of them singing and playing to YouTube. They were discovered from one of their videos by producer Paul Mahern and invited to record their first album in his studio. They have been developing their sound and growing their fanbase ever since.

At the young ages of only 22 and 24, Lily & Madeleine have already released four full-length albums and wrote and produced their most recent album with Grammy-winning producer Ian Fitchuck. The two took the stage with a four piece all female band. It was empowering to watch, to say the least. The connection between all four women was quite evident, as they were perfectly in sync at every moment.

They started their set with the song “Self Care” from their most recent album. I was shocked at the fullness of sound they were able to create with just four people, as it sounded almost exactly like the studio recorded version. The dreamy atmosphere created in the room was supported by Lily and Madeleine’s perfect and distinct harmonies, stunning cello and guitar arrangements by Shannon Hayden, and a solid backbone by drummer Nicole Pompei.

Their set was comprised of 14 songs, perfectly combining old and new material. They were able to please and connect with the range of fans in the room, whether they were dedicated fans singing every word in the front row,  first-time listeners, or recent fans like myself. They finished their set with an encore song, as it was the last night of their tour.

I had the pleasure of chatting with both Lily and Madeleine after their interview and show here at the BIRN. The two had just gotten off of a six-hour car ride from Canada that morning and were still well prepared to play, and extremely pleasant to talk to. Between their amazing talent and humbleness, these two are definitely a force to be reckoned with. This month I have found myself listening to their new album Canterbury Girls non-stop, and I’m sure you will too. You can definitely call me a new fan!

Photo credit: Tony Vasquez.