Curtis’ Prime Slices (3/30 – 4/5): Field Medic, White Denim

Field Medic – “used 2 be a romantic” – (indie folk)

First up this week we have a brand new single from indie-folker Field Medic. “used 2 be a romantic” is a very personal song about the realities of his musical career. The opening lines set the mood pretty quickly “I need a cigarette, those f***ers talked over my whole set, but I don’t have any time to reflect, I gotta sell some shirts to try and make the rent.” The lyrics have a little something for everyone to relate to with themes of un-appreciation, alcoholism, and financial struggles. The song thrives in its simplicity and gets you with its really hooky chorus. His new album fade into the dawn is set to release on April 19th and it’s shaping up to be a another successful one. Give it a listen!

White Denim – Side Effects – (indie psychedelic fuzz rock)

When I reviewed White Denim’s “Shanalala” I would never have guessed that this would be the album it’s off of. I mean this in the best way possible because this release has so much to offer. It’s equal parts crazy and completely sane. Songs like “Shanalala“and “Head Spinning” show off their more punky simplistic style of writing and others, like “Hallelujah Strike Gold” and “So Emotional,” exploit their love of writing wild riffs and melodies. From beginning to end this album keeps you on your toes wondering what could possibly come next. I don’t think this release is out of the ordinary for this group of guys but it’s definitely propelling them upwards. Show em some love!