Liv’s Prime Slices (3/30 – 4/5): Weyes Blood, The Foreign Resort, MorMor

Weyes Blood – “Movies” – Indie

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) is soon to release a full album called Titanic Rising. She dropped a 3 track EP to raise hype for the full-length album, which includes the tracks “Movies,” “Everyday,” and “Andromeda.” This collection of songs is a beautiful sandwich of conversational songwriting that takes a different turn to pop music, commanding your mind to a broader musical realm. My favorite track is “Movies,” which starts with an arpeggiated and hypnotic scale, moving up and down followed by the haunting yet clear sound of Mering’s choral voice. Each song brings a different idea but ties together with the same foreground of the sound Mering has so meticulously claimed as her own. Her video for the track “Movies” is out now, and her full length album will be released April 5th.

The Foreign Resort – Outnumbered – Post punk

Always trying to include a punk sound to these prime slices, The Foreign Resort is set to release their album Outnumbered on April 5th with some explosive tracks promised. Exploring the realms of dark new wave and post-punk, TFR have already given their fans a taste of their release with the singles “Obsessing” and “Burn in the Night.” Specifically, BITN takes you into a dark and cinematic tone from the grungy guitar distortion, following the softness of the chorus is a guitar riff that pulls you into a different place. This band has masterfully combined the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. I’m going to be following this band with their upcoming releases to come!

MorMor – “Outside” – Indie

MorMor, an eclectic Toronto artist, has just released his newest single “Outside” that takes you to a higher state of mind. Exploring Radiohead-style dread, digital shoegaze, and radiant, lo-fi disco, this independent track blends the feelings of melancholy and bliss with synth sounds and a crisp acoustic guitar. MorMor has a mesmerizing music video to go with the track, following the lives of adolescents with clown makeup on, highlighting the times including harassment, self-obsession, and relationships. Check out MorMor’s music video for “Outside” above to see this concept in full.