Curtis’ Prime Slices (12/1 – 12/8): Los Straitjackets, Sticky Fingers

Los Straitjackets – Complete Christmas Songbook – (surf/ska)

Well it’s December 1st and you know what that means! Christmas albums coming to us from all directions. This week we got Los Straitjackets’ sweet new holiday record, Complete Christmas Songbook. Any fans of Dick Dale or Link Wray are probably going to have this on for the majority of the month. The songbook has a total of 27 tracks ranging from classics like “Frosty The Snowman” and “Jingle Bells” to brand new ones like “Holiday Twist” and “Groovy Old Saint Nick.” The sound is a nice blast from the past and it really stands out from just any other Christmas album. It’s chock full of danceable tunes that’ll be sure to liven up any holiday family gathering!

Sticky Fingers – Loose Ends [single] – (indie rock)

Straying from the seasonal tunes, Sticky Fingers’ new single “Loose Ends” will probably be heard well past December. This was another one of those love at first listen kind of songs. Right at the start they hit you with this undeniably groovy bass riff followed by two guitars that quite effectively fill out the band’s sound. The production on this tune is driving and wonderful to listen to again and again. The song has a theme surrounding unjust government and brutality within the law. The lyrics are hard hitting and give you that angry feeling that Sticky Fingers probably intended. It’s a bit of a different take for the band and I hope we can get more like this. Check it out!