Show Review: Speedy Ortiz at the Sinclair – 11/27

I was really happy to catch this performance Tuesday night at the Sinclair. I got there early enough to hear the very first openers, Halfsour, a three piece classic indie rock band.  Front woman, Zoë Wyner, doubled on vocals and bass, speaking for the band but making it clear that talking in between songs was her least favorite part of being on stage. They were a pretty quirky little trio and had a great set, but their level of quirk was nothing in comparison to the next band, Palberta.

Palberta was peculiar and off beat, but completely on brand. All three members switched instruments multiple times which kept the audience on the edge of their seats (in a general admission standing room). They conversed with the audience like they were making weird small talk with a stranger in an elevator, but everyone laughed through the uncomfortableness and seemed to enjoy the bands personality and overall sound.

Finally, Speedy Ortiz came out, opening with the first track on their album Twerp Verse, “Buck Me Off.” Sadie Dupuis, the lead singer and main songwriter, played a stunning  pink guitar and had some seriously infectious energy as soon as she stepped out in front of the crowd. I love all the eccentric guitar lines weaved throughout their music and really admired how together they were as a whole. I honestly thought that their live performance was better then the recorded album, which is such a rare thing to find these days. Even though everyone was mostly just head bopping, you could tell the audience was seriously engaged. Towards the end of the set, Sadie commented on how the Sinclair was her personal favorite venue, but I bet she says that to all the venues.

The show was really great overall and I recommend you give a Twerp Verse a listen. Speedy Ortiz still has a few shows left up until April, so grab some tickets when they come to your area for a good time!